UAE Announces Some Vehicle and License Services Can Now Be Made Online

  • Publish date: Friday، 01 December 2023
UAE Announces Some Vehicle and License Services Can Now Be Made Online

The UAE has introduced a significant digital leap by enabling crucial vehicle and license-related services to be conducted online, eliminating the need for physical visits to the Ministry of Interior.

The latest initiative allows residents to manage essential tasks such as licence verification and vehicle ownership certification directly through a smartphone app, facilitated via the UAE Pass on the ministry’s digital platforms.

Brigadier Engineer Hussein Al Harithi, Director-General of Smart Services and Digital Security at the ministry, highlighted the endeavor's alignment with the country’s vision to enhance government services. He noted, "We are rolling out the initial phase of digital services, incorporating the use of the digital stamp, in accordance with the directives of our esteemed leadership."

By utilizing the digital stamp feature through the digital ID, the ministry digitally validates license certificates for both vehicles and drivers, removing the necessity for customers to physically visit service centers.

Future phases of these digital services will further streamline processes, emphasizing safety and security, while also saving customers valuable time and effort.

Al Harithi underscored the significance of the digital stamp, ensuring the delivery of trustworthy and digitally signed documents accessible anytime, anywhere, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience.

This initiative cements the ministry’s commitment to establishing a robust digital infrastructure, providing an array of user-friendly digital services. By investing in advanced technologies and adapting them to meet customer demands, the ministry ensures efficient business continuity.

The newly introduced services available through UAE Pass cater to various needs related to vehicle ownership, export, local transfer, tourist travel certificates, and 'to whom it may concern' verifications for license data and vehicle registrations.

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