How Dubai Police Uses Brain Image Mirroring "Brain Fingerprint"

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 05 May 2021
How Dubai Police Uses Brain Image Mirroring "Brain Fingerprint"

Dubai Police are always ahead with technology, in some cases they use the “Brain Fingerprint” technology to image mirror the brain of a witness or a suspect.

The use of this type of brain imaging helps them in their tasks and speed up the process of identifying the perpetrators of a crime and presenting evidence to the judicial authorities to achieve justice.

Experts worked diligently for a whole year on conducting experiments using the "memory fingerprint" and then applying it with great professionalism in a murder case and achieving qualitative results.

Major General Dr. Ahmed Eid Al Mansoori previously said: "Dubai Police measures these waves originating from the brain after a person sees images related to the location or tool of the crime, and then provides an accurate analytical reading about whether the person or suspect was present in the location of the crime, and whether he knows the tool used or even identify the victim by the frequency of these waves."

How Dubai Police Uses Brain Image Mirroring "Brain Fingerprint"

The brain stimulates and emits waves as a result of its retrieval of these events, and thus the extent of a person’s knowledge of the events can be measured by measuring electrical waves the brain emits after viewing the pictures. It is known as "P300."

Dubai Police were able to identify a murder suspect by looking into his brain — and his memory for the first time in January 2021.

Image Credits: AP

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