Julius Meinl: Worldwide partner to the Hospitality industry

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 29 November 2022
Julius Meinl: Worldwide partner to the Hospitality industry

Julius Meinl stands for Viennese coffee house culture worldwide. The Austrian roasting company, established in Vienna back in 1862, combines tradition with the modern day and experience with innovation. For more than 160 years, the family business has been synonymous with the highest quality coffee and tea, as well as tailored customer service. Today, Julius Meinl is the market leader in Austria, the Adriatics, CEE, Russia and UAE, Dubai, with representation in the upscale food service and hotel industry across more than 70 countries.

Ambassador for Viennese coffee house culture, source for moments of inspiration

The Viennese coffeehouse has always been a popular meeting place for artists and intellectuals and continues to serve as such today. People visit coffeehouses to write novels and music, work on projects or simply to take a short break from daily routine. As an ambassador of Viennese coffee house culture, Julius Meinl is the traditional roasting company with mission to inspire people to discover and live out each moment of their life at the fullest. Whether it’s a me-moment, a moment to connect with loved ones or a moment to create, Julius Meinl blends offer unrivalled aroma and taste, allowing you to savour your moment to the fullest - just as Vienna’s artists, writers and thinkers did in the past and continue to do today.

After all, life is a mosaic of small moments just like these.

Julius Meinl is one of the oldest coffee roasters in the world

The beginning of the success story of the Viennese traditional roasting company marked by a groundbreaking invention. In 1877, Julius Meinl I developed one of the first mechanical coffee-roasting techniques in the world. Even back then, he was already passionately experimenting with coffee. His fine blends were well known and highly sought after right to the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Since then, innovation for premium quality has played an important role for the brand.

Even today, the company presents works of global innovation. These include Vienna 1862 -an artisan slow roast coffee, which awarded the prestigious 3-star superior taste award at the International Taste Institute; Cold Brew, freshly prepared in an elegant stainless steel brewer on the counter; first in market biodegradable capsules (Nespresso machine compatible).

Customized and of the highest quality to this day

The solutions of Julius Meinl are tailored to the individual needs of their customers in the food service and hotel industry. After all, premium coffee quality in the cup requires the right choice of machine and blend. The globally active traditional roasting company has a wide range of products in terms of individual equipment and selection of blends.

From the Viennese Roast to Third Wave blends

The products offered by Julius Meinl range from the slow dark Italian roast with chocolate notes, to rounded original Viennese blends with nuances of hazelnut & vanilla and to the Third Wave blends and Specialty Coffees with a more fruity flavour. Moreover, our establishment also offers a high quality assortment of teas, including both loose tea specialties and pre-portioned leaf teas. The choice of blend is the deciding factor for the equipment used and vice versa. This is because Julius Meinl has developed the perfect blend for every kind of preparation, whether drip coffee, fully automatic machine, portafilter or Cold Brew. To achieve this, the solution has to be tailored to the customer’s need in order to guarantee seamless service, absolute freshness, premium quality in the cup and thus satisfied guests.

Every concept is unique, from coffee machine over blend to the cup

Julius Meinl not only provides high quality coffee blends and machines, but also all-in-one solutions right down to support with the establishment’s design and facilities. From restaurant fittings to the fine red designer cups. From the stainless steel cold brewer for the bar to the glasses and pallet coasters.  Furthermore, the offer ranges from tabletop displays and dispensers to parasols and staff uniforms. If some of your guests prefer tea to coffee, there is also a wide and varied range of loose teas, fine leaf bag teas, organic big bags for the teapot and single bags from the best growing regions in the world. There are also cups, teapots and high quality accessories to match. The service offer is wide-ranging and customized to the individual needs of every Julius Meinl hospitality customer. 

Facts at a glance:

•            Established in 1862 in Vienna

•            1,000 employees worldwide

•            Over 50,000 customers worldwide

•            Distributed in more than 70 countries; a leading premium coffee brand in over 40 countries

•            Production locations in Vienna (Austria) and Vicenza (Italy)

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