Look: Dubai Issues 24-Karat Gold Note

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 10 April 2024
Look: Dubai Issues 24-Karat Gold Note

Dubai welcomes a unique addition to its cultural landscape with the introduction of a 24-karat gold note, paying tribute to the city's rich history in gold trading.

Honoring Dubai's Gold Legacy

Crafted by Dian Jewellery, Finmet DMCC, and Valaurum, the commemorative note symbolizes Dubai's status as the "City of Gold," renowned for its bustling Gold Souk, one of the world's largest gold markets.

Gold Souvenir Note

While the gold note holds 0.1 grams of gold, it holds no monetary value and cannot be utilized for commercial transactions. Instead, it serves as a cherished memento for both residents and visitors, encapsulating the essence of Dubai's skyline and iconic landmarks. Each note is distinguished by a unique serial number, adding a personal touch to this exclusive souvenir

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