There's Now A Federal Platform to Let the Public Report Corruption

  • Publish date: Friday، 09 June 2023
There's Now A Federal Platform to Let the Public Report Corruption

The supreme audit body in the UAE has approved "Wajib," a groundbreaking platform for whistleblowing, as an official conduit for the general public to report improper use of public funds at the federal level in an effort to combat corruption.

The Wajib platform, created and introduced by the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) in May of last year, will now be used by ministries and federal organisations throughout the seven emirates, according to a statement from the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI). Community members will be able to report any financial or administrative corruption as a result.

The website address is https://wajib.gov.ae., a private online reporting system, to anonymously report any financial or administrative irregularities and malfeasance. In order to help national efforts against corruption, it is intended to be inclusive of all parts of society and to adhere to all laws and regulations regarding the protection of anybody who sees and reports wrongdoing.

All reported data, as well as the personal information of those who come forward with information about infractions or instances of corruption, will be protected to the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality. Anyone who witnesses improper or destructive behaviour that compromises the integrity of the government, including staff members, patrons, and vendors for organisations with ties to the government, may file and submit reports via the platform.

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