To Refrigerate or Not: The Great Egg Storage Debate

  • Publish date: Friday، 05 July 2024
To Refrigerate or Not: The Great Egg Storage Debate

Whether or not to refrigerate eggs depends on where you live and how the eggs have been processed:

  1. United States (and other countries with similar practices):

    • Refrigeration is recommended because eggs are washed and sanitized to remove bacteria, but this also removes the protective cuticle on the shell. Without this cuticle, eggs are more susceptible to contamination and need refrigeration to maintain safety.
  2. Europe (and other countries with different practices):

    • Refrigeration is not necessary because eggs are not washed, leaving the natural protective cuticle intact. This cuticle helps protect against bacteria, and eggs can be stored at room temperature.

Regardless of these general guidelines, once eggs have been refrigerated, they should continue to be stored in the refrigerator to avoid condensation that can lead to bacterial growth.

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