UAE Condemns Quran Burning in Netherlands

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 26 September 2023
UAE Condemns Quran Burning in Netherlands

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has strongly condemned the recent attacks on copies of the Holy Quran by extremists in the Netherlands. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on the Dutch government to take responsibility for preventing such actions from happening in the future.

The Ministry also emphasized the importance of monitoring hate speech that negatively impacts peace and security. Additionally, the Ministry expressed its rejection of the use of freedom of expression as justification for such heinous acts.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned all practices that undermine security and stability, violate human values and principles, and promote hate speech and extremism. The Ministry has reaffirmed that these practices contradict international efforts to spread the values of tolerance, coexistence, and peace.

The Ministry has also stressed the need to respect religious symbols and avoid incitement and polarization, especially at a time when the international community needs to work together to reaffirm its commitment to upholding the universal principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The Ministry has emphasized that these principles should be promoted and implemented to achieve stability and sustainable development.

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