New Insurance Plan for Indian Workers Announced in the UAE

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 05 March 2024
New Insurance Plan for Indian Workers Announced in the UAE

A new insurance program for Indian workers in the UAE has been introduced, ensuring their families receive compensation of up to Dh75,000 in the event of the employee's death, whether due to accidents or natural causes.

Known as the Life Protection Plan (LPP), it became effective on March 1st, addressing a gap in employment benefits for the UAE's 2.27 million blue-collar workers.

While many companies provide health insurance and compensation for work-related injuries and deaths, no mandatory coverage is offered for employees' natural deaths, leaving families financially strained. The Indian Consulate in Dubai facilitated discussions between major UAE companies and two insurance providers to address this gap.

The insurance plan offers annual premiums ranging from Dh37 to Dh72 for individuals aged 18 to 70, providing compensation between Dh35,000 and Dh75,000 for the beneficiaries in case of accidental or natural death, depending on the chosen premium. The policy also includes Dh12,000 coverage for repatriation expenses.

About 65% of the 3.5 million Indians living in the UAE are blue-collar workers, making this insurance plan a crucial initiative. In 2022, there were 1,750 recorded deaths in Dubai, with 1,100 being workers, and a similar trend continued in 2023, with 1,000 worker deaths out of a total of 1,513, over 90% attributed to natural causes.

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