UAE Sets Value of Zakat Al Fitr at AED 25

Emirates Council for Sharia Fatwa Sets Value of Zakat Al Fitr at AED 25

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 March 2024
UAE Sets Value of Zakat Al Fitr at AED 25

The Emirates Council for Sharia Fatwa has released guidelines for Zakat Al Fitr, detailing the amounts and methods of payment for the year 2024. Following a comprehensive study, the Council, in collaboration with charitable organizations across the UAE, outlined key requirements for Muslim individuals concerning Zakat Al Fitr, expiation, fasting ransom, and Iftar.


Zakat Al Fitr Obligations Explained

In a general fatwa, the Council emphasized that Zakat Al Fitr is mandatory for all Muslims, regardless of age or gender. Each person's obligation is valued at 2.5 kilograms of rice or a cash equivalent of AED 25. The payment is due after dawn on the day of Eid, although it is permissible to pay it earlier in the month or before sunset on Eid day. Delaying payment is discouraged.

Alternative Options for Non-Fasting Individuals

For individuals unable to fast, the Council stipulated that they must provide sustenance for the needy. This entails feeding a poor person with 3.250 kilograms of wheat per fasting day, or an equivalent cash amount of AED 15 per day.

Penalties for Intentional Fast-Breaking

Regarding intentional breaking of fasts during Ramadan without valid excuses, the Council outlined penalties. Offenders must either feed 60 poor individuals with 3.250 kilograms of wheat each (or its cash equivalent of AED 15 per person), amounting to a total of AED 900 for each day of fasting broken.

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