Upcoming Development Projects for "Dubai Taxi"

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 20 September 2022
Upcoming Development Projects for "Dubai Taxi"

The Director-General of the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai, has approved a package of development projects and initiatives at the Dubai Taxi Corporation, including the expansion of the use of artificial intelligence techniques and process automation, with the aim of raising the level of operational efficiency of the taxi transportation service, and enhancing traffic safety. Below is an overview of the services and development projects of "Dubai Taxi".

Smart Routing

Among the package of projects and initiatives approved by the Dubai Taxi Corporation is the "Smart Routing" project for taxis, which aims to use artificial intelligence techniques and big data analysis, to automatically direct vehicles to the areas of greatest demand for a specific area or group of areas according to the outputs of the demand forecasting system. The project also aims to reduce vehicle fuel consumption and increase the number of trips per vehicle.

Smart Collection

The "Smart Collection" project aims to provide smart, digital, and sustainable services to drivers by facilitating procedures for collecting amounts, raising operational efficiency, and creating a supportive and stimulating environment to attract drivers.

Robotic Process Automation

This includes smart distribution of taxis and Tesla vehicles, automation of daily revenue collection for limousine services (Uber and Careem), preventive maintenance for taxis, in addition to distributing orders according to the battery capacity in Tesla vehicles, and sending alert notifications to drivers when charging.

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