Visiting Government Entities In The UAE To Be Limited

  • Publish date: Thursday، 08 July 2021
Visiting Government Entities In The UAE To Be Limited

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) today issued a circular detailing new COVID-19 precautionary measures for customers and visitors to be implemented across all ministries, federal government entities and customer service facilities in the UAE.

The circular stipulates that, as of Sunday, 1st August, 2021, customers, visitors, employees of outsourcing or service companies, or any person other than employees of the entity will be prohibited from entering the headquarters of ministries, federal entities and customer service centres.

However, the circular excluded customers and visitors who have received two doses of UAE-approved COVID-19 vaccines, as well as non-vaccinated and exempt individuals who can present a valid negative result of a PCR test taken within 48 hours, provided that it shows on the Alhosn app.

The new FAHR rules will also not apply to those aged under 16.

The authority has called on all ministries and federal entities and centres to adhere to the provisions of the circular.

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