What is Dubai known for?

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  • Publish date: Tuesday، 20 November 2018 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
What is Dubai known for?

Dubai is known for its largest, tallest, biggest. If you are planning a trip, here is a quick list:

  • The tallest building, man made structure and free standing structure – Burj Khalifa
  • The world’s only 7-star hotel – Burj Al Arab, Dubai
  • The second-largest yacht in the world (Dubai, owned by the sheikh).
  • The largest mall in the world – Dubai Mall
  • The largest water cannon show in the world – Dubai Mall
  • The longest indoor ski slope in the world – Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates
  • The largest artificial islands in the world – Palm Islands (The Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jebel Ali and The Palm Deira) in Dubai
  • The largest fleet of Airbus A380 (the super jumbo!)
  • The world's largest Cheesecake Factory!

  • The world’s biggest natural flower garden – Dubai Miracle Garden