All You Need to Know About WhatsApp’s Upcoming Feature

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 26 July 2022
All You Need to Know About WhatsApp’s Upcoming Feature

WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature that will allow the application to transfer data and conversations easily between Android and iOS devices. Follow the article to get introduced to the new feature specifications.

WhatsApp’s Chat Migration Feature Specifications

With the new feature, the user will be able to transfer the WhatsApp account, profile picture, individual and group conversations, chat history, media files, and messaging settings from Android phone to iPhone and vice versa.

It is noteworthy that the user will not be able to transfer call history or "push notifications", which is a feature that may not be available in all countries at the moment.

How to Benefit from WhatsApp’s Chat Migration Feature?

To take advantage of it, the user must download and update the WhatsApp application on both devices, and use the same phone number connected to the application account on his old device.

The launch of this feature comes after several criticisms of “WhatsApp” for not providing the ability to easily transfer application data between devices running different operating systems, and recently the application’s administrators have provided a feature that allows access to messages, sending, and receiving messages from an additional device, even if the second device works without a SIM card.

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