Dubai Students Create AI-based App to Prevent Alcohol Abuse

  • Publish date: Friday، 10 November 2023
Dubai Students Create AI-based App to Prevent Alcohol Abuse

Dubai students, Sanah Joseph, Naina George, and Aradhana Sivaraman, all in Year 12 at Gems Wellington Academy in Silicon Oasis, have devised an AI-powered app called Rehabity, aiming to assist those struggling with alcohol addiction. The application, already earning international acclaim and set to feature at the upcoming Cop28 climate change conference, employs a skin patch to monitor vital signs and drug capacity, detecting alcohol in the user's system.

In response to elevated readings, the app releases a small amount of Antabuse, inducing a metallic taste and nausea when combined with alcohol. If a substantial alcohol presence is identified, the app automatically initiates an emergency call to the nearest hospital.

The trio, recipients of the Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior 2023, a global competition focusing on the positive application of AI by students aged 13 to 18, aspires to address alcohol addiction comprehensively. Rehabity incorporates artificial intelligence and includes an emergency contact feature for immediate alerts. With an estimated three million global deaths linked to alcohol abuse annually, the students aim to offer an accessible solution for those unable to attend rehabilitation centers due to various constraints.

Presenting their prototype at Cop28, the students emphasize the app's potential to revolutionize alcohol addiction treatment, making it available in the comfort of one's home.

Recognizing the worldwide significance of the issue, they envision expanding the app's scope to address other drugs in the future. While still in its early stages, the team seeks collaboration with healthcare providers and individuals for further development, expressing the intention to bring the app to market with guidance and support.

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