Pregnancy Out of Wedlock in the UAE Explained

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 10 March 2021
Pregnancy Out of Wedlock in the UAE Explained

Ludmila Yamalova-Davis, who is a U.S qualified attorney, based in Dubai clarified the amended laws on pregnancy out of wedlock in the UAE.

Last year in 2020, several long-standing laws were amended and modified in the UAE including Article 356 of the UAE penal code.


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There’s no punishment for voluntary or consensual sexual act unless the age of the victim, whether male or female, is less than 14 years old, or if the crime is committed against a person whose will is not considered credible, e.g. the victim is a minor, suffers from insanity or dementia, according to the new amends.

This means that pregnancy outside marriage is no longer a crime as per the amended law and according to Federal Decree 15 of 2020

It was also announced, last year, that unmarried couples are legally allowed to live together.

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