Here's How the Dubai Police Arrested the International Criminal Gang

  • Publish date: Friday، 14 April 2023
Here's How the Dubai Police Arrested the International Criminal Gang

The Dubai Police General Command effectively got a well-organized criminal gang that specialized in residential villa thefts and targeted bank clients in a successful operation named "Operation Microscope." 

Operation Microscope required carefully tracking the gang's movements and endeavors both inside and outside the nation, up to the crucial moment when their home was raided and the criminals were arrested.

"The team successfully uncovered the identities of four Latin American gang members actively participating in these thefts and break-ins," said Major General Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation (CID).

Al Jallaf emphasized that the CID squad continuously observed the gang's actions. Before departing the UAE for the first time, the four were able to seize gold jewelry, expensive watches, and Dh2 million in cash.

They were captured after they later fled back to the Emirates and took Dh60,000 ($16,337) in cash. “We predicted the gang would return to the UAE because they didn’t travel to their home country. After one month, the gang returned through Dubai International Airport but we didn’t arrest them immediately and kept them under intense monitoring," Major General Jamal Al Jallaf stated talking about the operation.

"After a week of monitoring, the gang decided to go with a different style of crime, away from villa raids when they noticed most of the villas were secured. They moved from residential areas to commercial areas and started monitoring banks and exchange offices. They stole Dh60,000 from a bank customer and returned it to their hotel.  However, they were unaware that they were under police surveillance, which led to the gang members' arrest while caught red-handed and the recovery of the stolen cash. During interrogations, they confessed to committing multiple thefts and burglaries in other countries they had visited,” He concluded. 

Here's How the Dubai Police Arrested the International Criminal Gang

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