Why Do the Poor End up in the East?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 June 2022
Why Do the Poor End up in the East?

East or West? Those words are loaded with cultural and materialistic meanings. Most of the time, when the word West comes to our ears, we get an image of clean areas inhabited by a small number of residents with money. In contrast, when we hear the word East, we think of an image full of smoke, dense population, modest dwellings, and humble personalities. What is the reason behind this?

Wind Blowing and Population Distribution

Usually, the character of sophistication prevails in the western parts of most cities, as you find these parts inhabited by the middle and upper classes of people, is this just a stereotype? No, one theory is that it's all about air pollution.

In the middle latitudes where most of the world's cities can be found, the prevailing winds are westerly, which means that they blow towards the east. Grossly, it has long been believed that they might take smoke and odors with them, making the air quality much lower in the eastern end of the cities, reducing the desirability of these areas and the price of housing, so that the majority of humble workers would like to live there, thus the eastern parts in most cities are crowded with people of mediocre finances, while the middle and upper classes prefer the cleaner western fringes in terms of air quality.

As each area is represented by its residents and their behaviors, people of money usually tend to pay attention to luxuries and outward appearances, so you find the areas in which they live are full of luxurious housing, parks, courts, and many other utilities that offer them a life of high-quality. While the poor (residents of the eastern regions) only care about collecting their daily sustenance, and they do not have a surplus of time or money to pay attention to luxuries.

What if the wind direction is opposite? You will find the eastern parts are the richest!

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