G42 Launches a $10 Billion Technology Investment Fund

  • Publish date: Thursday، 18 August 2022
G42 Launches a $10 Billion Technology Investment Fund

G42 Group, the holding company specializing in artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology, announced the launch of an expansion investment fund to promote technological growth globally, worth $10 billion, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Growth Fund.

The investment fund focuses on accelerating the pace of global innovation by investing in a group of companies in their advanced stages, which are characterized by innovative technologies and have strong and solid business foundations. This expansion investment fund also acts as a private equity investor within these companies, with a large share of the investment being allocated to regions experiencing significant growth.

In addition to investment support, the group will benefit from its operating assets and system of operating companies to enhance the value provided to the companies that will be included in the fund's investment portfolio.

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