Gaggenau the luxury brand for Home Appliances turns to Art

  • Publish date: Saturday، 18 June 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 22 June 2022
How to turn your Kitchen into a Canvas

The luxury brand for professional grade home appliances – Gaggenau – recently hosted an awe-inspiring evening of artistry, gastronomy, and choreography at their Blank Canvas dining experience.

Executed in collaboration with artistic talent Kaveh Ahangar and star chef Hadrien Villeudieu, Gaggenau pushed the boundaries of culinary creativity. The team sumptuously synergised the two art forms of gastronomy and artistry to create a unique experience in which guests could quite literally taste art.

Ahangar stated that the inspiration for his art – aside from his geometric style – was Gaggenau’s distinguished product design and luxury lifestyle brand. The elegant forms, luxurious woods, leather, and metals are associated with the Gaggenau.

Other sources of inspiration included geometric patterns, the Dubai landscape, and the culinary excellence of Villeudieu. This was reflected in the browns of the meat, the beiges of the dulce de luce, the colours of the specially prepared sauces, and the host of circular-shaped foods on the menu.

This delectably disruptive event was a true ‘exploration of inspiration.’ A small contingent of important guests – which included renowned designer Yasmin Al Mulla – were challenged to reimagine culinary excellence.

Whenever Villeudieu served guests a course, Ahangar would not only synchronously reveal but complete a complementary piece of the incomplete artwork. The two worlds of art waltzed wonderfully together through the entire evening.

Ahangar and Villeudieu harmonised their crafts perfectly to create this exclusive experience.

“We really wanted to create something that is out of the blue, and I think we managed to create it together. He is an open artist, and I am an open chef, so I think we managed to do it.” – Villeudieu.

The delicious cuisine and the art the whole night were something to savor, and Gaggenau equipped guests to do so in style with nifty Fujifilm Instax polaroid cameras.

Gaggenau’s Blank Canvas event has wonderfully demonstrated that there is an enormous untapped artistic potential in every plate. So, what will you create?

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