Nurse Lucy Letby Convicted of Killing 7 Babies at British Hospital

  • Publish date: Friday، 18 August 2023
Nurse Lucy Letby Convicted of Killing 7 Babies at British Hospital

British nurse Lucy Letby has been declared guilty of murdering seven infants and attempting to murder six others during the years 2015 and 2016.

Following a 10-month trial at Manchester Crown Court, Letby was found guilty of 14 out of the 22 charges brought against her. The Crown Prosecution Service provided a statement confirming this outcome. The jury, composed of 11 individuals, was unable to reach a decision regarding the attempted murder charges for an additional four babies.

The sentencing for Letby is scheduled to take place on Monday at Manchester Crown Court.

Letby was employed in the neonatal department at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester, England. The trial was marked by distressing testimonies detailing her criminal actions.

According to a statement acquired by PEOPLE after the trial, Pascale Jones from the Crown Prosecution Service expressed that Letby's actions were a “complete betrayal of the trust placed in her.”

The statement read, “Lucy Letby was entrusted to protect some of the most vulnerable babies. Little did those working alongside her know that there was a murderer in their midst. She did her utmost to conceal her crimes, by varying the ways in which she repeatedly harmed babies in her care.”

“She sought to deceive her colleagues and pass off the harm she caused as nothing more than a worsening of each baby’s existing vulnerability. In her hands, innocuous substances like air, milk, fluids - or medication like insulin - would become lethal. She perverted her learning and weaponized her craft to inflict harm, grief, and death.”

“Time and again, she harmed babies, in an environment which should have been safe for them and their families. Their parents were exposed to her morbid curiosity and her fake compassion. Too many of them returned home to empty baby rooms. Many surviving children live with permanent consequences of her assaults upon their lives.”

In 2016, Letby was taken off the neonatal ward when experienced hospital personnel became concerned due to a series of unexplained infant deaths and close calls over the course of a year.

Prosecutors contended that Letby aimed to fatally harm the babies while deceiving her coworkers into thinking the deaths occurred naturally.

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