Reem Al Hashemi: The UAE Will Continue to Support People in Need

  • Publish date: Monday، 26 September 2022
Reem Al Hashemi: The UAE Will Continue to Support People in Need

Minister of State for International Cooperation, Reem Al Hashemi, affirmed that the UAE will continue its path of supporting people affected by crises and disasters, without any religious, ethnic, political or cultural considerations.

She added during the country’s speech before the United Nations General Assembly, that “the events of the past period emphasized the need to respect international law, especially the Charter of the United Nations, and to be applied consistently without double standards or selectiveness, as an indispensable basis for ensuring a stable and secure international system, based on respect for the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of states.”

And she continued: "In this context, we renew our demand to end Iran's occupation of the three Emirati islands: Tunb al-Kubra, Tunb al-Sughra, and Abu Musa, over which history and international law prove the sovereignty of my country. We will never stop claiming our legitimate right to these islands, either through direct negotiation or the International Court of Justice.”

She stressed that protecting international peace and security requires working to achieve a world free of weapons of mass destruction, especially in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula, noting that it is not possible to talk about a secure and stable international order in the absence of a firm international stance that rejects terrorism and is committed to holding its perpetrators and financiers accountable.

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