Sharjah Police Arrest 24 Suspects in a Drug Bust Worth AED 23.5M

Here's How Sharjah Police Carried Out the UAE's Largest Drug Bust

  • Publish date: Thursday، 27 April 2023
Sharjah Police Arrest 24 Suspects in a Drug Bust Worth AED 23.5M

More than AED23.5 million ($6.4 million) worth of illegal drugs were seized by Sharjah police after they raided a drug-dealing gang.  

The Sharjah Police declared the operation to bring down the Black Bags gang a success and reported the discovery of 120 kg of marijuana and 3 million Captagon pills.

In two separate raids, each of the operations was conducted in cooperation with the police forces of Dubai and Ajman. The first operation, according to Lieutenant Colonel Majed Al Asam, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department of Sharjah Police, involved intelligence on a group of Asian nationals who intended to distribute drugs to a targeted audience with the assistance of a collaborator living abroad.

Meanwhile, through collaboration with the General Command of the Ajman Police, a different team monitoring a different gang that was using hashish succeeded to catch up with them and confiscate 120kg of the drug. The accused confessed to their crime.

The success of these two operations, as claimed by Lieutenant Colonel Al Assam, was due to the nation's anti-narcotics agencies' ongoing collaboration, expertise, and readiness to handle any drug-related situation.

Watch the operation here:

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