UAE Grants First License for Self-Driving Cars

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 04 July 2023
UAE Grants First License for Self-Driving Cars

Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has granted the first national license for self-driving vehicles to operate in the country

The decision was made in a cabinet meeting on Monday and the company WeRide has been granted a preliminary license. 

The company is a China-based company with branches in Abu Dhabi and over 26 cities in the country. 

WeRide produces robo taxis, robo vans, robot buses, and robot sweepers that can operate 24 hours a day in any kind of weather condition. 

The company provides services including e-hailing taxi services, on-demand transport, and urban logistics. 

Sheikh Mohammed also approved a federal electric vehicles policy, which will help develop a national network for electric vehicle chargers, regulate the market, and promote associated industries, which will help reduce energy consumption by 20 percent and carbon emissions.