UAE Firm Launches the Middle East's First Firefighting Robot

  • Publish date: Sunday، 21 May 2023
UAE Firm Launches the Middle East's First Firefighting Robot

FFBOTS, an Emirati firm located in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area, has launched the Middle East's first locally-made robot firefighter.

Called Wabe ("rain" in Arabic), the robot has world-class technical specifications and operational capabilities. It can act as the first responder to fires.

Wabel can be sent into dangerous areas that are difficult for firefighters to reach.

The robot has a water flow of 8,000 liters per minute and can support firefighters during firefighting operations or even start operations before they arrive at the fire site.

It is especially useful in critical hard-to-reach areas that may compromise firefighter safety. The robot is equipped with cameras and sensors to provide real-time information about the fire.

The robot firefighter is also equipped with water sprinklers at the front and vertical water sprinklers to cool the surface in front of the robot and the robot from above.

It is controlled wirelessly from a distance of up to 1 kilometre. 

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