UAE Government Partners With LinkedIn To Support Emirati Women

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 29 June 2021
UAE Government Partners With LinkedIn To Support Emirati Women

A government statement announced a new partnership between the UAE government and social media company LinkedIn to equip 2,000-plus young Emirati women with the skills for private-sector jobs.

The Future Skills for Women programme, is an initiative between the Government Development and the Future office of the UAE Government and LinkedIn.

Ohoud Al Roumi, Minister of State for Governmental Development and Future, said focusing on future skills is “a top priority for the UAE government amid the changing employment landscape, where constant upskilling and reskilling are necessary to keep pace with the growing disruptions caused by technology across all sectors”.

The Future Skills for Women programme in the UAE will provide participants with more than 1,000 training hours covering skills such as lifelong learning, communication and technology, the statement said.

“Our data indicates a gap in the representation of women in the majority of fast-changing jobs around the world, most notably those jobs related to technology and its applications,” Sue Duke, head of global public policy at LinkedIn, said.

“We must ensure that women are well represented by making gender equality a priority for governments and businesses around the world. In order to achieve this, recruitment practices must focus as much on skills and capabilities as they do on formal qualifications.” he added.

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