White is the new brown! It is all about the new Henna

  • Publish date: Saturday، 14 April 2018
White is the new brown! It is all about the new Henna
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is a body adhesive which has been specifically adapted for henna body art: it is a white paste which can be applied with a cone, and sealed with glitter or gilding powder.

The leaf of the henna plant contains a natural red dye that stains hair, fingernails and skin. Henna is also a paste made from powdered henna leaf used to stain (dye) the body. So "white henna" is not true henna in the sense that true henna comes in only one color: red.

White Henna is very different to the normal, natural and standard henna. That is, it is barely henna at all! Sure, you can still use it to draw amazing designs on your skin, and you can still find natural white henna paste, however, it will not stain like natural brown henna will.