6 Quick Tips for Getting the Best Value When Selling Your Used Car

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 18 July 2023
6 Quick Tips for Getting the Best Value When Selling Your Used Car

Looking to sell your car? Check out Cash for Cars MEA’s 6 tips to get the right value for your car.

Used car sale seems as tricky as running a petrol vehicle on water. It can get tiring to identify interested buyers and negotiate endlessly for getting the best value for used cars. These 6 tips will drive up the used car's worth, pulling in buyers like a magnet!

    •    Go for an evaluation: Get the right value of the used car by having it checked by experts to know its current value as per the market rate. It will help you feel confident about the price quotation. 

    •    Get it mechanically inspected: From ensuring car efficiency to getting a fair price idea, an inspection through an expert goes a long way. It will also help you to identify any existing problems before putting the car up for sale, preventing unnecessary future hassles. 

    •    Create a description with relevant information: From the mileage to the last car service date, add all the details to give your buyer a clear picture. However, keep the description precise. 

    •    Make room for negotiation: Set the resale car price approximately 10% higher than the evaluated cost to have the resale deal in your favor even after the negotiation.

    •    Keep the documents handy: A well-maintained document folder of warranty, insurance, service history, etc. for your used car shows its reliability and increases value too. 

    •    Get your car washed: A clear and shiny car is visually appealing and creates a positive first impression to potential buyers. It also showcases that you have taken good care of your car.

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Take advantage of these 6 tips to grab the right value of a used car. Happy selling!

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