Best Hijab Styles for 2022

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 24 May 2022
Best Hijab Styles for 2022

Are you a fashionable hijabi? Always looking to follow fashion trends? Find out the trendy hijab styles for 2022.

Loose Hijab

Loose hijab wrap has become a top choice for fashionistas and hijab bloggers as it gives a comfortable look and fits almost all face shapes.

To wear it, you have to use two pieces, the head cap or what is called a bandana and the scarf in addition to some pins.

Turban Hijab

With the arrival of the summer, you should be searching for a light hijab wrap, therefore the turban style is the best choice.

To wear it, you will need a bandana with a neutral color, a scarf, and small pins for extra hold.

Pin-less Hijab

If you don’t prefer using pins when wrapping your hijab, the pin-less hijab will be a good pick for you. All you need is a scarf in a color of your choice and a neutral color head cap.

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