Different types of social media influencers and their characteristics

  • Publish date: Sunday، 19 May 2019 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
Different types of social media influencers and their characteristics

After tackling many angles of the influencers’ industry, it is time to list their basic types and the characteristics that differentiate one from another. In that way, it will be easy for brands to choose the best type to run their business. This article will inform you with the very basic, yet very important information for your future reference.                                 

1- Micro-influencer: Influencers who are not celebrities or politicians, and who are followed by people ranging from 1k to 9999. Although a small following number, but a strong and heard voice by their followers. Because of that, they are making a strong relationship with them, so they can gain their trust along the run. This might help in increasing their number at some point in the future. They are also low-cost influencers, which might attract brands and marketers toward them more than the other types.

2- Macro-influencers: Professional creators and people who are passionate about a certain subject, and who are followed by people ranging from 10k to 999k. They are open for new opportunities, as they have a strong social media presence. This means that you can easily find them. Their following rate is not in millions, but they have a strong fan-base and loyal followers. They have a high reach in specific markets, so they are able to boost their reach to a large portion of a target audience. An important characteristic also is that they are able to produce high-quality content and convince their audience.

3- Mega-influencers: Real celebrities and famous people on social media and in real life. They are people with an explosion in their following number, with 1M+ followers. Partnering with them will help in reaching more people, which equals to a high brand awareness. They will also help in moving your campaign to life. An important characteristic as well is their professionalism. They have specific agents to talk on their behalf. This will help in mitigating unclear or vague partnership, as a group of professionals are dealing with you as a brand.

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