Exclusive Interview: Moroccan Chef Moha Culinary Journey

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 17 May 2022
Exclusive Interview: Moroccan Chef Moha Culiniary Journey

Host of Morocco’s version of Masterchef and owner of several restaurants across Marrakech, Madrid and Paris, Chef Moha Fedal is known among some circles as the Prince of Moroccan Gastronomy. Of course, he didn’t achieve this status by being a traditionalist. He did so by always bringing something new to Moroccan classics. We caught up with Chef Moha at Tagine Restaurant in Dubai

Tell us more about Chef Moha? And how do you bring harmony between tradition and modernity?

I was born and raised in Marrakech and after high school, I left the city to attend an “école hôtelière”. I am presently the owner and Head Chef of a restaurant in Marrakech called Dar Moha, and a few other establishments abroad.

Why choose between tradition and modernity when you can harmoniously unite the two?

Moroccan cuisine is very diverse, and so I invited many locals to come and share with me their family secrets. I was the first to bring some changes to our traditional cuisine, like offering smaller portions so guests could experience several dishes that combine Moroccan products with flavours that are both local and international, like our famous “couscous au foie gras”. Moroccan cuisine gets richer and more interesting as you add ingredients and flavours from other places. I believe it should not be restricted, and that’s how we bring harmony between tradition and modernity.

Moroccan cuisine is now a global interest. What role did you play in helping this amazing cuisine whet the appetite of millions?

Indeed, I am fighting so that Morocco and its cuisine are ever more represented on the international front, so to preserve the culinary heritage and the identity of the country. I was selected to have our couscous and traditional cuisine recognised by UNESCO “this is our wish! ”. Each year, I travel to more than eight countries to promote our amazing cuisine.

The secret? Spices, Seasons?

Cooking remains a moment of sharing and improvisation, the purpose of which is to unite people around tasty, healthy and generous food.

However, I'm looking for lighter cuisine; I add more of this, or a little less of that... This is the secret. “I can also say that the use of special spices such as saffron are a great added flavours to my original dishes.

You decided to author and co-author multiple books. Is this out of passion and interest or you saw the need to tell the story?

It is not necessarily a passion, but rather a need to share our amazing culinary heritage and to ensure they receive the right information and guidance.

Travel, multiple awards and many celebrities reaching out to you. How do you keep up with such demanding schedule?

Same as in the kitchen, organization is key. With administrations, organization is also necessary. We try with my team to organize all events in detail, to give each opportunity its full deserved time and focus. Once completed, we move on to the next, and so on.

What are your advises for young chefs who wish to follow your footsteps?

To every young chef: you need to remain rigorous all times. If the quality is not sustained, a chef and his kitchen can lose credibility very quickly. To rebuild the reputation, it could be an uphill battle and at times you may never find your place as before. So, stay rigorous, give your best, and never cheat.

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