It’s OFFICIAL: Google Launches Generative AI Tool ‘Bard’ in Arabic

  • Publish date: Thursday، 13 July 2023
It’s OFFICIAL: Google Launches Generative AI Tool ‘Bard’ in Arabic

On July 13th, Google, owned by Alphabet, introduced its generative artificial intelligence platform called Bard in Arabic. This launch comes with specific features that address to the needs of Arabic speakers, showcasing Google's competition with ChatGPT, supported by Microsoft.

According to Google executives, they stated in a press briefing in Dubai that the conversational AI service can understand questions in 16 Arabic colloquial dialects including Egyptian, Saudi and Emirati, among others, but answers will be given in classical Arabic.

“Bard will be available in the Arabic language across all corners of the Arab world as part of its global launch in 40 other languages,” Najeeb Jarrar, regional director of marketing at Google Mena, said to reporters.

The Arabic version of Bard includes a user interface designed to support the right-to-right script used in the Arabic language. Additionally, users can ask their questions to Bard in both Arabic and another language simultaneously in a single sentence, a sociolinguistic concept known as code-switching.

Users of Bard in Arabic also have the flexibility to incorporate words from other languages that have been used into Arabic.

In addition, users can ask Bard a question in English and receive an answer in English, which addresses speakers' various levels of proficiency in the Arabic language.

“A big team of Google's engineers and linguist experts worked together over the last months so that the product, Bard, will not just be a translation … but a product that matches our use in the Arabic language,” Marwa Khost, Google's communications manager for Mena, said during the presentation.

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