Man Files Case Against Emirates For ‘Disgusting’ Business Class Seats

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Man Files Case Against Emirates For ‘Disgusting’ Business Class Seats
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A business class passenger on an Emirates trip is suing the airline claiming the airline fell short of what he had expected.

In April 2023, Brodie Chapman, 20, took a $3,240 business-class flight from Oslo Airport (OSL) to Dubai International Airport (DXB). Chapman explained to Daily Mail Australia that his business class seat was "absolutely disgusting" and a "misrepresentation of the brand." Chapman claims to fly with Emirates up to 20 times each year.

Chapman alleged that he was deceived into buying a product that he thought would provide the same level of luxury since Emirates exclusively advertises its flagship Airbus A380 or the more recent Boeing B777 aircraft. “They advertise this fancy product, the 777 or the A380, and this plane I got on was absolutely disgusting. It’s a plane they don’t advertise, it was around 23 years old. None of the services they advertise or offer were available. The seats were grubby, there were socks stuck down the side of my chair, it didn’t recline properly, one of the screens didn’t work, and there were stains on the seat,” he said.

Man Files Case Against Emirates For ‘Disgusting’ Business Class Seats

Chapman refused Emirates' initial offer of 20,000 Skyward Miles and he filed the case in an effort to recover close to $5,000. Chapman's complaint was filed shortly after Emirates was ordered to pay $8,440 to a passenger who traveled in business class from New Zealand to the UK as a result of losing a lawsuit in March 2013. 

“I pay more money to fly with Emirates than other carriers because they are meant to offer more luxury and comfort. But if the product they are advertising bears no relation to what you are actually receiving, I don’t think it’s really fair," Chapman concluded.