RAK Police Arrests Man at Airport After Stabbing Incident

  • Publish date: Monday، 09 August 2021
RAK Police Arrests Man at Airport After Stabbing Incident

Ras Al Khaimah police arrested a man in the airport as he tried to leave the country while accused of stabbing two people.

The guy is suspected of attacking two men during an argument about an unpaid loan, wounding them badly said Brig Gen Ahmed Al Mansoori, director of the Criminal Investigations Department at Ras Al Khaimah Police.

"Despite the lack of information and time and the difficulty of obtaining it from the injured as a result of their severe condition, evidence led to the suspicion of an Asian person who was about to leave the country," police said.

"The suspect was able to be reached before boarding the plane and the team noticed blood stains on his clothes."

Both injured were later taken to hospital.

"He admitted that he had attempted to kill two Asian people, and he also told the team where the [murder] tool was and it was seized," police said.

"The accused explained that the reason was that one of them borrowed a sum of money from him and did not return it, which prompted him to book a ticket before implementing his plan, and three hours before the flight he planned to kill him and his accomplice then fly to his home country.

"Based on this preliminary investigation, legal procedures are [still] in progress."

NCEMA called on all members of the community to cooperate and adhere to all preventive measures to help curb the spread of the pandemic in the coming