Dubai Launches Wedding Incentive to Encourage Young Emiratis to Marry

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 16 January 2024
Dubai Launches Wedding Incentive to Encourage Young Emiratis to Marry

In a move to promote family values and enhance social stability, the Dubai Community Development Authority unveiled the Dubai Wedding Programme. Aimed at encouraging young Emiratis to marry, the initiative offers a range of incentives to ease the financial burden associated with weddings. The immediate goal of the programme is to provide both financial and social support, aiming to alter societal perceptions related to extravagant wedding ceremonies.

Financial and Social Support for Young Couples

Under the Dubai Wedding Programme, citizens will receive a variety of benefits, including reduced wedding costs, marriage planning services, and access to modern halls across the Emirates for hosting wedding events. Newlyweds will also have the opportunity to benefit from family counseling, marriage planning assistance, family management guidance, and financial advice tailored for young couples.

Educational Courses for Building a New Life

Participating individuals will undergo educational courses designed to equip them with the necessary skills for building a new life together and planning their financial future. The initiative seeks to contribute to Sheikh Mohammed's broader plan to double the number of Emirati families in Dubai over the next decade, emphasizing the significance of family as the cornerstone of the nation.

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