1865 - Our brand story

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 01 November 2023
1865 - Our brand story

1865 is a modern homeware brand celebrating the heritage and culture of design to create unique pieces that double as functional art. It is represented by a date thats close to Lubnas heart, the start date of her achievable family history – family being a key rhetoric to Lubna and the ultimate goal of the brand- to bring together a family and community of artisans around the world and preserve and showcase their specialized design skills and talents to a global audience.

As founder and creative director; Lubna has a shared passion for both designing and conceptualizing the unique pieces as well as overlooking the design process right from ethical material sourcing, identifying the appropriate skill sets and seeking out the ceramics, silver carving etc – most suited for bringing each piece to life. A brand that celebrates artisan craftsmanship, in the quest for designing “Home Jewels”. Elevated home ware which are truly modern heirloom pieces that double as livable art. We are committed to the human aspect or safeguarding the crafts community. Our modern antiques are made bespoke by hand ; driven by the labor of love that goes into the creation of beautiful objects, furniture and design.

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