Emirati Chef Sumaya Obaid on Her New TV Show “Nakahat Alamiya”

  • Publish date: Friday، 26 August 2022
Emirati Chef Sumaya Obaid on Her New TV Show “Nakahat Alamiya”

Chef Sumaya specializes in creating local dishes and exploring cuisines inspired by other cultures. Food lovers would be delighted by her upcoming cooking show with Fatafeat “Nakahat Alamiya”, where she shares her favourite international, tried and true recipes with regional viewers.

In this interview, we spoke to her about her upcoming show and more on her passion for food.

  1. The most exciting part about your upcoming Nakahat Min El Alam?

What I enjoy most about working with Fatafeat is getting to take viewers on a culinary journey. In Nakahat Min El Alam, we did a lot of fusion cuisine, adding a unique spin on iconic international dishes by cooking it with some of the Gulf’s most famous spices. I am excited to see how the viewers will react to the distinct mix of flavours featured on the show. 

Emirati Chef Sumaya Obaid on Her New TV Show “Nakahat Alamiya”

  1. What do you like the most about your local cuisine?

I like how Emirati cuisine offers rich and dynamic flavours, and each household has its special recipe passed down through generations. Like in other cultures, cooking brings our families together and allows us to stay connected with our roots.

  1. How do you make sure you stay innovative in creating dishes?

My culinary creativity is inspired by the various cuisines I’ve tried during my travels. I believe that learning distinctive cooking styles from different cultures help enrich my knowledge and skills in the kitchen.  

Emirati Chef Sumaya Obaid on Her New TV Show “Nakahat Alamiya”

  1. Your favourite Emirati dish? And your two favourite international dishes?

Favourite Emirati dish: One of my favorites is the Emirati dish “Taht el Aish”, which means under the rice. Besides its delicious taste, it symbolises the Emirati community’s generous nature, as it has been part of our tradition to share this dish with our neighbours whenever we cook it.

Favourite International dish 1: I adore Spanish Paella and its simplicity. It is a very straightforward yet appetizing recipe that will surely delight everyone in the family.
Favourite International dish 2: I enjoy making the Moroccan dish Bastilla. Its multiple layers of crisp dough, filling, and spices fascinate me. It is also a versatile dish that you can easily create with your own personal touch without compromising its taste.

  1. Your message this “Emirati Women’s Day”?

This Emirati Women’s Day, I would like to extend my warm wishes to my fellow Emirati women whose hard work, passion, talents, and skills have been integral to the UAE’s success story over the last five decades.

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