UAE Announces Eid Al Fitr Break for the Public Sector

The break will start from April 20th for public sector employees.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 13 April 2023
UAE Announces Eid Al Fitr Break for the Public Sector

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announced that the Eid Al Fitr holidays for public sector employees will start from Ramadan 29th, which is April 20th, Thursday.

The break will run until Shawwal 3rd, which falls either on April 23rd if Ramadan is 29 days long or on April 24th if Ramadan is 30 days long.

If Ramadan lasts for 29 days, then public sector employees get to enjoy a four-day break, which means they have to return to work on Monday, April 24th. If Ramadan lasts for 30 days, government employees will get a five-day break, there they will have to return to work on Tuesday, April 25th. 

The Emirates Astronomical Society has predicted that Ramadan will last for 29 days and according to the International Astronomical Centre, Shawwal 3rd is expected to fall on Sunday, April 23rd. 

Nonetheless, the exact starting date of Eid will be determined by the moon sight committee.

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